Wakulla Pregnancy Center

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Robin Hawkins, rob.hawk@live.com or 229-221-4091

Christ Church is proud to be a part of this very important ministry.

“The Wakulla Pregnancy Center (WPC) is an Evangelical Christian ministry that exists to assist women and their families during unplanned pregnancies. We share life affirming truth with women and men who are facing difficult decisions. Our desire is for God to not only save the lives of the unborn, but to save lives tor eternity.

We show women that they have options, and that they aren’t alone while making decisions about those options.

Mission Statement

A Christ-centered ministry committed to upholding the sanctity of human life.   The Wakulla Pregnancy Center will demonstrate the love of Christ to women facing crisis pregnancies through the provision of spiritual, physical, and emotional support, by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

[Credit: Wakulla Pregnancy Center Website]